Ceramic Coating – What It Is, and How It Can Help

What It Is

Let’s start at the beginning; what exactly is a ceramic coating? Well, dear reader, I’m glad you asked. A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer and high-caliber wax alternative. It bonds with a vehicle or boat’s paint to give added protection to it’s surface area. A ceramic coating creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond with a vehicle’s paint, meaning that it does not wash away or break down and can last anywhere from 18-36 months.

Ceramic coatings also bring out a beautiful gloss.

How It Helps

Ceramic coatings have hydrophobic properties, which simply means they repel water more easily. What this means for your vehicle is that mud, dirt, and grime will have a much more difficult time sticking to your paint; that means less scratches and easier cleaning for you.

Ceramic coatings are NOT fully scratch-immune, but they do provide a greater measure of scratch-resistance compared to normal wax coatings. They also provide better resistance against different environmental factors such as dust and dirt blown by winds or kicked up off the pavement, but again, they DO NOT provide 100% protection.

Our technicians are automotive experts and are trained to coat all vehicles, including imports.

Long Story Short

If you’re tired of spending hours and hours every month detailing your vehicle, or sick of using waxes that don’t seem to actually bring out that “better-than-new” shine and gloss, you should check us out Ceramic Coat Texas or click here to receive a free, no-obligations quote for your vehicle!

Tige Z1 Boat Cleaning

Tige Z1 Boat Cleaning

Recently we had a Tige z1 come through our shop. This boat is equipped with a Wet Sounds audio system and the legendary TAPS Surf System (Tige Adjustable Performance System); which gives you full control over the list, yaw, draw and the overall wake control. This boat is a wake boarder’s dream!

Now it was time for us to step in and do-what-we-do. An in-depth boat cleaning was in store first, so we set to work power washing the cover, steam cleaning the exterior, cleaning down the vinyl throughout the interior of the Tige with an all-purpose cleaner and then cleaning the tower and bimini. Next, we vacuumed every, little crevice and compartment and conditioned the vinyl to keep it hydrated and fresh.

Overall the work was very satisfying and it’s always a sight to behold when you get these boats, like the Tige Z1 out into the open and into the sunlight. They just gleam brighter than the sun!

Detailing a Supra SA350

Detailing a Supra SA350

This 2013 SA350 powered by a 57MR V8 motor is just killer looking. It’s got attitude and a very pleasing design to it and the interior is comfortable, accommodating and attractive. You can’t beat that.

We did quite a bit of work on this boat during the detailing process. The hull was scrubbed and hand-washed first. Then we cleaned all of the interior vinyl and made sure that any cushions were cleaned up to standards.

Next we vacuumed out any and all compartments and proceeded with scrubbing the floor. Finally, the tower and bimini were cleaned and we performed a single-stage polish on the exterior.

Detailed Boat Cleaning of an Ultra 2500 Pontoon

Detailed Boat Cleaning of an Ultra 2500 Pontoon

This Pontoon arrived to us in some pretty bad shape, but we see this a lot. Over time the elements of mother nature really have their way with these kinds of boats and the vinyl seating begins to take on mold and stains.

The first thing we did as we worked our way through this pontoon was to power wash the carpet. We really worked on this part and blasted all of the dirt and grossness out of it using a powerful all purpose cleaner. Then we used a carpet extractor to suck up all of the remaining water and moisture.

Then it was time to kill off any mold or mildew as we found it. While we were cleaning this boat we attacked any stains as well. There were a lot of these. There was a lot of scrubbing involved.

Finally we used one of our favorite boat care products. A little beauty called Hula Boat Care which is an all-in-one cleaner and conditioner. We used this on all the vinyl to both clean it and at the same time make it re-hydrated and supple again.

The video really lays out everything that we did and you won’t believe the condition of this boat when you watch it. Lots of good before and after footage that really demonstrates just effective this type of boat cleaning can be.



Detailing a Chris Craft Corsair 36

Detailing a Chris Craft Corsair 36

Elegant, sleek, sophisticated. Those are just some of the words when the Corsair 36 is out of the water and you’re staring down the hull.

It’s a great boat with 6′ 2″ of headroom in the cabin and even comes with its own galley and dinette table. For a comfortable outing on the water you really can’t beat this.

We put a lot of heart-and-soul into the exterior of this vessel with a full, single-stage polish and a layer of ceramic coating for added protection. It was a lot of boat to cover, but well worth it.

Ceramic Coating on a Nautique GS22 Boat

Today we’re showing you just how effective a layer of ceramic coating can be when applied to a boat like this one, the Nautique GS22. This boat road it out through serious flood conditions back in Oct of 2018 not far from Austin, TX.

We had previously ceramic coated this boat and in this video you can see perfectly well how responsive the ceramic coating is to being cleaned and beading up water.

We used a steamer on this one, but that’s the luxury of doing what we do on a professional level. You don’t even need that once you have your boat ceramic coated.