Texas Mobile Boat Detailing

Ceramic Coatings

Exterior Ceramic Coat

$70 ft +

18 Month – 3 Years

– Hand Wash
– Water Spot Removal
– Single Stage Polish
– IPA Wash
– 2 Coats of Marine Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coat Vinyl

$600 +

– Vinyl Surfaces Prepped
– 1 Thick Layer of Ceramic Coating on all Vinyl Surfaces
– Repels Dirt, Mold, Mildew and Helps to Prevent Staining

Ceramic Coat Windows

$225 +

3 year warranty

– Installed on all exterior marine windows

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer and high-caliber wax alternative. It bonds with a vehicle or boat’s paint to give added protection to it’s surface area. A ceramic coat guards against imperfections caused by natural elements.

By applying a ceramic coat to your favorite car or boat you can prevent the future appearance of swirly patterns in the finish. These patterns are caused over time by nearly-microscopic particles that cause millions of tiny scratches to form.

Anything such as dust or grit can lead to undesired scratch patterns.x