Product Recommendation

So many people come to us asking what to use to maintain their details. After our technicians spend sometimes multiple days on a detail, people want them to last as long as possible. So, here are our recommendations for getting the most out of your details!

  1. Wipe down your boat after every use. The best defense against water spots is keeping your boat free of the calcium buildup that our lakes are full of. Wipe down your boat with something PH balanced, so your wax doesn’t get stripped. We recommend our Ceramic Infused Water Spot Remover, or CCT spray for short. It’s specially formulated not to damage your boat, while providing strong water spot removal and even the added benefits of ceramic. You can find yours here.
  2. We also love Hula Boat Care products! They’re marine safe and work wonders. Some of our favorite products are the Wipeout Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner and the Chill Mold Retardant. They are awesome to keep around to freshen up the boat between details. You can find Hula products here.
  3. The last thing that we recommend is getting on a regular detail schedule. We offer Bi-weekly, Monthly and Bi-monthly service to maintain your detail. We will keep everything sparkling for you and even keep up with your wax application between uses.

All in all, getting a detail is just the beginning of making your Boat Beautiful! Let us know how we can customize a solution that works for you.