Get your boat ready for summer!

by boatbeautiful

April 15 means one thing to most Americans: Tax day. But for my family it meant something completely different. April 15 is the first day that the lake is warm enough to swim in! Now obviously this isn’t an exact science, since it’s close to summer temps all year round in Central Texas, but nonetheless April 15 is quickly approaching and you’re going to need to be lake ready.
If your boat has been sitting in the slip, dry stack, or in your backyard for these last few months you should be thinking about what shape it’ll be in come that first day on the lake. No one wants to spend the first day of sunshine and blue skies washing and waxing in preparation for the fun. So, here are some super simple steps to insure that your first lake day goes off without a hitch.

-Start her up
Give your boat a good test start and make sure everything whirrs back to life. Sitting in the slip for 6 to 8 months can drain a battery or inverter easily. Make sure she is all gassed up and ready to roll!

-Look for repairs needed
Give your boat a once-over. You never know if a possum made your cruiser its home for the winter. Look for tears in upholstery, nicks in the gel coat and any oxidation that could have formed while you were away.

-Get her cleaned up
This is the easiest part. Call Boat Beautiful. Our trained technicians will come out to you anywhere in Central Texas to give your boat a full detail. We’re going to Scrub, UV protect, and condition your seats, lift up those seats and clean everything underneath, taking care of all compartments, vacuum all carpeting, clean all chrome and stainless steel, clean your windows, clean tower and bimini (if you have them,) and we will also wash your cover. For the exterior we will asses what she needs and apply a series of compounds and waxes to best bring back your gel coat’s original shine.

-Protect her shine
The best thing you can do to protect your boat’s original shine and make cleaning her up all season a breeze is Ceramic Coating. Ceramic Coating is a nanotechnology that beads and repels water, but most of all will make your boat much easier to maintain. You’ll cut your lake preparation in half if you invest in Ceramic Coating for your vessel, and that means more time on the lake with your friends and family.
Boat maintenance is an ongoing and tedious process. We can eliminate the most difficult parts for you with our detailing and Ceramic Coating services. Give us a call!.