The Future of Austin Lakes

by boatbeautiful

With Austin being the fastest growing city in the nation, the questions begs, what does the future hold for Austin’s lakes? Currently, in times of drought, the state has difficulty supplying enough water for the current population. This has led the City of Austin to adopt a “Water Forward” initiative. This initiative is a 100- year water plan that could ensure all Austinites have access to water.

The Water Forward initiative has a strong focus on water conservation and increasing the use of water-efficient products. This initiative also utilizes non-traditional sources of water. Examples of non-traditional sources of water are rain water, storm water and waste water. You can utilize these non-traditional sources in areas such as watering lawns, in your toilet, or for washing you clothes. These would save millions of gallons of potable water every year. These simple goals can help achieve long term sustainability of Austin and surrounding areas even in times of drought.

Rest assured that the City of Austin is doing everything they can to make sure our lakes stay full and beautiful. We encourage you to take part in Water Forward thinking to help conserve our currently full lakes.

We hope that you enjoy your time out on the lake! If you are looking to get your boat looking sparkling new, please reach out to us at any time. (512)963-3290.