Going the extra mile!

Usually, we ceramic coat in our private, enclosed shop. This way we can control the elements, and make sure the coating is as immaculate as possible. But, for bigger boats, sometimes that’s not possible.

This week we ceramic coated a 42′ Regal. This was far too big to fit indoors, so we had to get creative. The boat was in a covered slip, so we didn’t need to worry about rain so much, (plus living in Central Texas, it almost never rains!) But, we did have the challenge of how to polish and coat the sides of the hull that we couldn’t reach from the dock, or from leaning over the rails on the side.

This is where we excel. We are great at creative problem solving, and making sure the job gets done right! We reached out to our friends at local marina stores and found one of these, a BOTE floating pad.

We got her blown up, tied off to the boat, and our technician sat atop the water and went to work! She turned out absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t have been happier with the success of our solution.