What to do about Water Spots

We’ve all been there. Out for a day on the lake with the family and friends, everything is going well until you go to park her for the day. You get her up on the lift and notice hard, ugly water spots all over your exterior.

The lakes in Central Texas have some of the hardest calcium around. That makes those awful spots more prevalent, and more sticky.

If you just leave them there, they can turn into “hard” water spots, where the calcium actually eats away at the gel coat on your boat’s exterior and can cause serious damage that can cost thousands to fix.

Many people take to wiping down their boats after each use, which is the best way to make sure you don’t let those spots set in. But what do you use to wipe her down?

We’ve formulated a Ceramic Infused Water Spot Remover to solve this problem. The formula is designed to eat away at water spots without hurting your gel coat in any way, and the extra layer of Ceramic Coating acts as a protective layer for you as well.

Try yours here and let us know what you think!