Detailing a Chris Craft Corsair 36

Detailing a Chris Craft Corsair 36

Elegant, sleek, sophisticated. Those are just some of the words when the Corsair 36 is out of the water and you’re staring down the hull.

It’s a great boat with 6′ 2″ of headroom in the cabin and even comes with its own galley and dinette table. For a comfortable outing on the water you really can’t beat this.

We put a lot of heart-and-soul into the exterior of this vessel with a full, single-stage polish and a layer of ceramic coating for added protection. It was a lot of boat to cover, but well worth it.

Ceramic Coating on a Nautique GS22 Boat

Today we’re showing you just how effective a layer of ceramic coating can be when applied to a boat like this one, the Nautique GS22. This boat road it out through serious flood conditions back in Oct of 2018 not far from Austin, TX.

We had previously ceramic coated this boat and in this video you can see perfectly well how responsive the ceramic coating is to being cleaned and beading up water.

We used a steamer on this one, but that’s the luxury of doing what we do on a professional level. You don’t even need that once you have your boat ceramic coated.

Detailing a Bennington 2275 GL Pontoon Boat

Detailing a Bennington 2275 GL Pontoon Boat

Today we got to detail a 2007 Bennington that measures 21 feet of pure fun. It’s a nice fishing boat with a 50HP engine made by Yamaha; which can entertain up to 11 people if you so desire.

We acid-washed the pontoons, cleaned the covers and cleaned the bimini. Also did a full interior detail which included scrubbing the seats, UV protection and conditioning, cleaning all the wells underneath the seats and cleaning the carpet..

These Benningtons are really nice and casual and they even feature a fishing-rod holder upgrade; which is definitely a nice touch. This particular boat was fairly mucky, so we really took our time with the pontoons, because they obviously needed some lovin’.

Watch the video and you’ll see the huge difference that a boat detailing can make. She went from murky and haggard-looking to brand spankin’ new.

Detailing a 2016 Tige RZX

by boatbeautiful
Detailing a 2016 Tige RZX

What a magnificent treat of a boat that we had the great opportunity to get our hands on! The Tige has features that’ll make any boating enthusiast drool such as the TAPS 3 Surf System and the Tige Touch2 Interface.

It’s loaded with a Indmar Raptor 440 engine with around 400HP, has the patented Convex V hull and can support up to 16 people; making it ideal for family outings.

We gave this little angel our fullest attention. A full detail interior, exterior washing, exterior correction, a decontamination prep and finally a thorough ceramic coating.

Check out the video above to see from start-to-finish what a full boat detail looks like when you work with us. We love what we do and strive for perfection and excellent.

She was already beautiful, but this time we made her BoatBeautiful!

Detailing a 2018 Supra SE-550

With a 450-575, 6.2L 16-Valve V8 engine, the capacity to accommodate up to 18 people, the state-of-the-art Vision Touch dash with AutoWake Predictive State Technology and stellar sound system by JL Audio; to say this boat is badass would be a massive understatement.

So when this beauty rolled through our doors here at Boat Beautiful, we couldn’t wait to get started and make her really pop! To see all the lovin’ we gave her check out the video below, because she got a solid treatment.

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